I've had the idea for MyHousecoat for many years now, remembering my childhood days when both my parents would have worn something similar while working in our shop, our woolstore, and looking after all of us. A lot to juggle for sure!

Then on becoming a ‘grown up’ while I was doing my household and garden jobs getting my own clothes filthy in seconds! I was frustrated that  I couldn't source something similar for myself . So luckily,  having worked in Marketing for over 30 years I totally understand the importance of having a product that works, that fulfills all expectations and not only is uncomplicated  but actually brings simplicity in itself as that is the key to a genuine brand promise.So I decided to take the step to design, research and bring this product to market. Initially I had one simple design in mind, - but thanks to my market research feedback - I have decided to bring 3 unique designs to market. Each design offers something different, yet all based on the same principal - keeping your clothes clean while you do your dirty jobs around the home and garden. Uncomplicated, simple, and functional.

So I hope you find MyHousecoat the  perfect solution for you, no matter what the task on hand is.  Sometimes, it’s the simple things.. you didn’t know how much you needed it, and then wonder how you have managed without it!

I hope you enjoy wearing MyHousecoat, as much as I have enjoyed this journey in bringing it to you. Aisling